The Young Nuremberg Rally in Washington D.C.

Stolen from LawDog


So, I have a question? Now that we have located the Nazis and allowed them to parade in Washington, Where is Antifa ? I thought their mission in life was to go after people like David “Junior Goebbels” Hogg and Emma “Sinead” Gonzalez.

PS: Rhetorical question.

8 Replies to “The Young Nuremberg Rally in Washington D.C.”

  1. Silly girl. That document you are tearing up is the thing guaranteeing you the right to run your little stupid yap on the teevee.
    Were it truly removed, she would either be decorating a lamppost, or wind up in a gulag.


  2. Two things wring in photo of David Hogg:
    1. His hand should be open and fingers extended to give a proper Nazi salute.
    2. You can’t see the hand of either the DNC/Bloomberg/Soros/FakeNewsMedia up his butt to control him like a meat puppet.



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