Badge of Honor

Admitting to owning an AR-15 is now the same as admitting to being a rabbi in Berlin in 1934.
The groundwork is laid. The sheep have been successfully frightened. Soon it will be registration, for the children, of course. Then they will want the normal capacity magazines turned in, for the children, of course. Then they will want the semi-autos turned in, for the children, of course. Then the handguns turned in, for the children, of course. And then it will be all the rest of them, like Australia and Britain, and this too will be for the children.

We will be pariahs, then criminals, and finally, we will need to be dealt with.

Fine. I’ll wear it like a yellow star


Just yesterday I was cleaning up a bit my messy office and I found the Life Member kit that came in the mail after I upped. The in is still there and will remain there for no other reason that I am notoriously bad about losing pins.
However, the sticker may just end in the truck sometime tomorrow.

7 Replies to “Badge of Honor”

  1. I wish the NRA would send stickers that could be mounted on the inside of the glass. The outside mounted ones are a hassle to peel off and replace after years of exposure to the weather. An inside mounted static cling one or something similar would be awesome.

  2. As a retired LEO I say be careful with these stickers. Thugs have been known to target vehicles with NRA, GOA, etc stickers because they think there will be guns inside.

    1. I understand what you say and it is very appreciated, but we are having a war with a different enemy whose objective is to make us ashamed of what we are and be afraid to be noticed in public.

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