“Nobody needs Military-Style (fill the blank) Updated.


And just add all the rest of the goodies developed for the military and now in use by civilians.

Here is my contribution:

From Reltney McFee:
(trauma dressings) (trauma systems) (Advance Trauma Life Support) (hemostatic dressings) (traction splinting)

From MiniMe:
1. GPS
2. Freeze drying
3. EpiPen
4. Cargo pants
5. Duct tape
6. Jerrycan
7. Jeep
8. Computers
9. Microwave

From scrappycrow:
Oh, let’s not for get that DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) fomented the Internet. All those anti-gunners need to get off it, then.

From crawford421:
Canned goods and margarine.

7 Replies to ““Nobody needs Military-Style (fill the blank) Updated.”

  1. “nobody needs military style…” (trauma dressings) (trauma systems) (Advance Trauma Life Support) (hemostatic dressings) (traction splinting {I don’t think that is a thing anymore with EMS})

    The stoopid continues!


  2. Clocks — developed so Europe’s navies could accurately navigate the globe.

    Highways — built to support military operations.



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