Youtube and Samizdat in the United States.

I just saw this in Facebook:

And it hit me: Samizdat

For the younger readers, allow me to explain, Samizdat (Self-Publishing) was a form of dissidence used in the former Soviet Union to reproduce and pass along documents that the State deemed dangerous and were censored. Obviously this was back then a 100% underground enterprise and if caught, you would end up in a “re-education” camp in Siberia and later exile while enjoying the benefits of deep freezing weather for a decade or more.

Books like Animal Farm (and pretty much anything George Orwell), One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich and even Anna Karenina were targeted by the Soviets and reproduced by people in the underground using typewriters, mimeographs and even by hand.

But if there was a Samizdat  that Soviet Apparatus hated and prosecuted with undue fervor were the Periodicals. Anything that was some sort of weekly or monthly publication dealing with the current life in the USSR was considered “Anti-Soviet Agitation and Propaganda …with the purpose of undermining or weakening of the Soviet power or with the purpose of committing or incitement to commit particularly grave crimes against the Soviet state.

So, what we are watching right now is the beginning of our Samizdat in a Brave New World Media. We have been labeled criminals by the private-powers-that-be and I we are refused to use their access to our consumers, we shall see and produce our media, our “illegal” media by other means.

Desktop Publishing, once considered a benefit for all of us will become a cancerous pain in the side for those who seek to shut us down.

Biuletyn Dolnośląski (The Lower Silesian Bulletin). Polish Samizdat.

PS: Spell checker did not know what a mimeograph was, I am old.
I added a link to a YouTube video for those who have not heard the term either. 


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  1. I just can’t go along with using Porn Hub. And it isn’t because I’m prudish or whatever. If you wanna watch porn, that’s you’re call.

    But I just am not comfortable clicking on the Porn Hub link if I’m trying to find a video to show me and my 12 year old daughter, for instance, how to take apart a Mauser bolt, or refinish a stock.

    Firearm videos should be family safe for all ages. Not on a Porn site.

    I just went to the link to see. Right there along the top banner above the video are the links to gay porn,etc.,etc.

    There just had to be a better way. And I just really can’t help but think this doesn’t help our cause with the folks on the fence about firearms when we are using a porn site as an outlet.

      1. Yes, I did, and they’re fine. It was more of a general observation rather than just these particular guys moving over there. I’ve seen a couple other channels that were talking about moving there too. It’s a shame, but not totally unexpected, YouTube instituted such a policy. Although I would grant that some videos showing ways to beat the system, Ill advised conversions, and what not, maybe shouldn’t be shown. Or at least reviewed by a knowledgeable person for legality, not a Google Drone idiot. It’s just ridiculous though. YouTube channels are not the problem. They’re even banning Airgun channels for crying out loud. Pretty sure we haven’t had a mass casualty event using a Red Ryder. But such is our world today sadly.

  2. Hopefully Prn hub will be smart, and spin off a bunch of new SFW (safe for work) channels. Maybe Gun-hub, or sport-hub? This could be a chance to expand and make real money.

    If they play this right, they could steal YouTube’s lunch. Convince people to load their videos to blank-hub at the same time they load them to you tube, paying all of them for allowing commercials, then eventually get them to stop loading to youtube.

    All by being Librtarian, and not censoring?

    Or someone new could start from scratch, and offer a competitive service.

    1. That’s my guess. They’re very astute at business–just look at their Apr 1 jokes and ongoing humor marketing. Even if you don’t go to the site, you know about them. If this becomes a thing, they’ll spin off a side channel, monetize it, and kick a small percentage to the posters.

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