One Reply to “One of the characteristics of the Left.”

  1. Ain’t it amazing how throughout this whole smear campaign towards the POTG, the libtards have conveniently omitted mentioning the real culprits?

    No accusations, threats, angry shouts or marches with signs protesting the TOTAL AND UTTER FAILURE OF GOVERNMENT AGENCIES like the Broward Co. popo’s (in particular, Mr. Broward Coward himself… Sheriff Scott Israel), the FBI, the FL Dept. of Children & Families, and even the school system.

    Zero. Nada. Zippo.

    Hell, I’ve yet to see a smidgen of indignation towards the real murderer from all these “victims” paraded on TV interviews. Remember him, libtards? That mentally unstable 19-year old “teenager” (in libtard-speak) that everybody in your deity-called-government ignored until it was too late?

    Well, isn’t that interesting. It is almost like libtards are yet again avoiding the real facts of the issues in order to pander around for simple political gain… justice and truth be damned.

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