They sure love talking about their junk

I was looking at some of the signs from the March For Our Lives.

It’s obvious that these people hate guns and gun owners.  It’s equally obvious that they love talking about genitalia.

Ha ha, yeah.  Like I haven’t heard the small penis thing before.  Though I’m not sure she is in a position to judge since it looks like she hasn’t seen one in about 40 years.

We’re going to see this “my *female part* is more regulated than guns” a lot.

One, not true.  Two, please don’t make me think about teenage girls uteruses.

Also, the “sadly we can’t ban angry white males” think is kinda racist.

For the hat trick.  This the problem with the Woman’s March protesting gun rights.

Right… because nobody wants to stand up to the NRA.  I figured standing up to a bunch of ignorant, screaming harpies that the media is turning into heroes took more balls.

At least we graduated from uterus to the whole shebang.

I think she is saying that she doesn’t have to know anything about guns to regulate them because politicians don’t know anything about female anatomy by regulate abortion.  I guarantee she is still one of the “no uterus no opinion” party.  What if I can name everything, will she go away?

I just think she wanted to carry around a picture of a uterus just because.

Let’s see here, this person wants to ban gun ownership because some kids got shot even though the overwhelming majority of gun owners have never an will never kill anyone. Yet it seems that she totally wants the right to kill an unborn child in her womb with no restrictions, and presumably on the tax payer’s dime.

Not to sound like a ultra right wing nut job, but in last year that I have firm data on this, the FBI reported roughly 8,500 firearm homicides while  the CDC reported over 644,000 abortions.

I don’t think that they have any moral high ground to speak from.

AR-15’s on demand and without apology.

When they are done talking about genitals, the will talk about sex.  Nothing makes them look loving tolerant, and compassionate more than invoking the Westboro Baptist Church.

Make up an insulting pathology.  Hate people they say have that pathology.

Remember that the people who didn’t love Communism were also pathological.

Or we could turn it around.  Doesn’t the A in LGBTQIA stand for ‘ammosexual?’

How dare you oppress me you bigoted shit-lord.  You are ammophobic.

It’s always the NRA’s fault when nothing gets done.

Or maybe it has something do with the fact that these people can’t talk for three minutes about anything without it being uterus/vagina/penis/perversion.

On the plus side, I have yet to see a picture with a woman in a labia costume.  At least someone realized that level of batshit insanity was bad optics for an anti gun march.

7 Replies to “They sure love talking about their junk”

  1. Yes, let’s make buying a gun as easy as getting an abortion. That would mean no 21 year age limit, no Form 4473, no registration of gun ownership, no rule against going to another state to buy the gun you want, no more “may issue”, etc. etc. etc. And a 2 day waiting period? That’s bad, certainly, but not even close to what leftist states inflict on gun owners now.

  2. “The Angry Demoncrat: This might just be my favorite (sign).”

    Hey d-bag, I can name each of those parts correctly and give you a brief anatomical description of what they do/how they work right now, and without using Google. Can you?
    It is called education, in case you are wondering how I would know.

    Here’s a diagram of a basic AR-15, broken down for clean up:
    Can you label that diagram without pulling out your smartphone and cheating using Google?

    I’ll wait.

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