Real Men? (Video)

Dear Girl, may you never have to find out.

This is a great example of the ideological divide: For them fists are something sporty, clean and allowed.  We know that fists are the weapon of the bully, the bruiser, the guy who punches old ladies to rob them. There is nothing clean or sporty or honorable in them.

Let us not forget that the Gun Control crowd is the same one that has opposed Stand Your Ground which was born around the idea that abused women did not need to “retreat” to defend herself from a beat down provided by their significant other.

Only those who have never experienced physical violence and its pain are deluded enough as to think a 110 Lbs. woman is an equal match to an 180 Lbs. Meth freak ex-boyfriend.  Unfortunately, by the time they figure out their mistake, they are either in the ER or the morgue.

Real men defend themselves and their loved ones with the best tools available and they win. They are not stupid enough to think saving a life is some sort of sporting match with carefully constructed rules of behavior and participation.

17 Replies to “Real Men? (Video)”

  1. “Greetings and salutations, fellow citizen. The group-thought of the day is love & hugs will stop a murder-death-kill fer shure! Have a peachy and happy-happy day!” /sarc

    Ugh. I rolled my eyes so hard at the “real men use fists” pic that I was able to count my brain’s wrinkles.


  2. But when the gunman sees everyone else is unarmed he will lay down his arms and surrender…..SARC. Sam Colt said it best..the great equalizer…


  3. I got a feeling that the sign is intended as more of a double entendre, partly because of where it hangs. And also because of the nature of some of the things that side likes to throw out into public.
    I think she means it more as a vehicle for pleasure than for violence.


  4. Yeah, no thanks I have had one traumatic brain injury in my life,and the long term result of that is nice case of epilepsy so I will stick with keeping any potential adversary as far away as possible.


  5. Real men bring GUNS to a fist fight….. and really real men bring all their friends who have guns… you want peace???? Be prepared for war…snowflake



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