When even the Brady Campaign craps on retired Justice Stevens.

Terse language and all, this is an amazing rebuke from a gun control organization.

It is interesting. I had heard and read rumors that the polls were not being kind to the March for Life and the Gun Control movement in general because of the constant drumming about repealing the Second Amendment, but this tweet seems to prove the message was actually counterproductive.

When the enemy is making a mistake…

3 Replies to “When even the Brady Campaign craps on retired Justice Stevens.”

  1. Not a word about ‘common sense’ restrictions being Constitutional in the Heller Decision. When a lie is repeated often enough, it becomes the truth!

    That being said, not a peep in that decision (or the dissent) contemplating the actual meaning of ‘shall not be infringed’, which was disturbing to say the least.


  2. You can tell things are going in the right direction when a NYC based establishment newspaper such as the Wall St. Journal concludes its editorial on Stevens with this comment:
    “But give credit to the former Justice for honesty about what most gun controllers believe deep in their progressive hearts: The right to own a weapon should be preserved for the state.”


  3. This former “justice” can shove his bowtie sideways, unlubricated up his ahistorical, unAmerican and unConstitutional Leftist behind.



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