Goebbels Jr. is going off the deep end

David “Goebbels Jr.” Hogg has ratcheted his antics up an notch.  He has taken them to, I believe, a dangerous level.  Someone within his organization is going to have to cut him down to size before they experience the full potential blow back.

Here is the story of why I say that.

Hogg was interviewed by TMZ, in which he said he was rejected by every University of California system school he applied to.  In a moment of brazen narcissistic sour grapes, he said it was OK because he was too busy “saving the world.”  It was the school’s loss for not accepting him, not the other way around.

Laura Ingraham got a hold of this bit of news and Tweeted about it.

I’m not a fan of Ingraham, but her Tweet was pretty benign.  Especially to some of the over-the-top aggressive stuff Hogg himself has sent out.

Even the most mild, implied criticism of Hogg caused him to go off the deep end.  He responded to Ingraham with two Tweets.

He sent his internet Social Justice Warrior minions after the advertisers for Ingraham’s show.

Not getting the message that folding to petulant protesters is bad for business Rachel Ray’s overpriced dog food brand, Nutrish pulled its advertising.

On the heels of Nutrish, so did TripAdvisor.

Laura Ingraham then apologized to Hogg.

She violated the first rule of dealing with Social Justice.  Never apologize.  They don’t want to make nice.  They live by an ideology best explained by this quote from 1984.

But always – do not forget this, Winston – always there will be the intoxication of power, constantly increasing and constantly growing subtler. Always, at every moment, there will be the thrill of victory, the sensation of trampling on an enemy who is helpless. If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face – for ever.

Once you apologize, you are helpless and they will stomp the boot in your face.

He did just that to Ingraham.  He could of accepted the apology but instead kicked her when she was down.

Just like the victims of Stalinist show trials or Maoist struggle sessions, Hogg is demanding that Ingraham denounce her associates, her employer FOX news, and grovel.

This is pushing things way, way, way beyond the pale.

David Hogg has openly demonized a sitting United States Senator, Marco Rubio, saying that he has blood on his hands and cares more about NRA donations than the lives of children

He has aggressively insulted NRA spokeswoman Dana Loesch, going so far as to impugn her maternal instincts.

He has categorically referred to NRA members as child killers and said has said that older people are stupid and that parents – presumably be means everyone that disagrees with him –  “don’t know how to use a fucking Democracy.”

God forbid a TV host for a national show mention his lack of college acceptance, her source of revenue must be cut off and she must be utterly destroyed.

This isn’t just guns or gun rights anymore.  This is using mob bullying tactics to silence even the most mild criticism of a movement.

This is the kind of thing that scares the pants off of many Americans.

We still overwhelmingly value free speech.  Yes, technically boycotts are part of free speech and private companies have the right to limit what people say, but many Americans take the right to free speech as more than just the legal definition.  It is the principle that we have the right to open discourse.  What is the point of free speech if the only place you are allowed to speak freely is alone in a small room where no one else can hear you.

Hogg’s radical fanaticism is going to nuke his own movement with moderates, much the way that campus insanity has done.

Hogg: “You are a baby murdering whore for a terrorist organisation with blood on your face.”

Mr./Mrs. American: “Whoa.  Tone that down a notch kid.  You sound unhinged.”

Hogg: “I’m going to go on Twitter and shame you to your employer so you lose your job for that.”

America will not tolerate that.  These kids will lose any sympathy they have left from all but the most radical people if they start going after people’s jobs and incomes.

Hogg or an anti-gun Parkland students are not so untouchable that criticisms of them results in becoming unemployed because of a Twitter mob.  Most Americans can see the fascist tactic in that.

That’s the good news, that he will burn down his platform with his extremism.

The bad news is all the causalities he will cause before that happens.

This kid proves more and more everyday that he is really living up to the moniker Goebbels Jr.

9 Replies to “Goebbels Jr. is going off the deep end”

  1. To his supporters, Hogg is at the same time a demigod and a child — nothing he does is wrong, he is super-powerful and yet Ingraham was lambasted for “criticizing a child.”

    He made himself a public figure. He is both childish and shrewd — whining about his college prospects, whining about being made fun of, then using those to rally his adherents.

    This video by Mister Metokur is quite appropriate here: “Never Satisified: Why Apologizing To SJWs Is Useless” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6WpQBREBDfQ

    1. Only when they’re the target or if they can use it to bully people they hate. The campaign against “bullying” gays was more about erasing traditional mores from the public sphere.

  2. I just wrote Trip Advisor a letter (postage ad everything!)

    An excerpt is below. I note that I am a geezer WITH discretionary income to spend (or not) on travel.

    “I read today that, as your response to David Hogg’s call to boycott Laura Ingraham’s radio show, you have removed your advertising from her program. Thank you

    Now, you have told me which side of the liberty-vs-mob rule divide you choose to stand upon. I hope, when Mr. Hogg books his next trip, you are satisfied with the volume of business that he, and his legions of impoverished post adolescents, bring you, that you do not miss me, my money, and the business that you will miss out on. That is, the business from everybody who will hold still long enough for me to observe your predilections for mob rule, suppression of free and vigorous discussion of issues, and personal responsibility for those discussions (I’m looking at YOU, Mr. Hogg!)”

    Dunno if it will have any impact upon SJW infected corporate think, but, hell, I can always spend my money on a leisurely drive with The Darling Wife, and haul the camper, and camp. While in camp, I can write love notes to Delta, and (insert Trip Advisor hotel here), noting how their alliance with these dipsticks convinced me of the advantages of driving. And camping. .

  3. From watching my child apply to various colleges, generally speaking, it’s very difficult for out-of-state applicants to get into state system colleges.
    Also, a 4.2 .. meh. Not very many AP courses, or not very good performance in AP courses. I wonder what his SAT or ACT score was.

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