4 Replies to “Possibly one of the most racist things Gun Control Advocates say.”

  1. The greatest lie ever told is how Democrat racism is always the Republican’s fault. Democrats pass Jim Crow but it’s Republican racism. Democrats create red lining but it’s Republicas responsible for bad ministry housing. Democrats destroy inner city schools but Republicans are why blacks can’t get jobs. It’s amazing just how well this bait and switch gets pulled off.


    1. This political phenomenon is created due to Modern Progressivism. This ideology asserts to the masses that there is no such thing as ‘Absolute Truth’, therefore we as individuals all have the ‘right to create our own truths’ which in turn creates Utopia. Problem is, conservatism will not play along with the idea. Thus the reason the children of utopia will not ever favor anyone outside of their make-believe perceived elite state. “Critical Thinking” is completely subjective and no Objectivity exists in such mindsets.



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