The Australian Solution: “I swear they are all destroyed.”

QUEENSLAND: Police have arrested an employee allegedly stockpiling weapons in his Brisbane home.

The 33-year-old man, who works at the service’s gun storage facility in Brisbane, was arrested and bailed today and is facing criminal charges in relation to the alleged theft of property belonging to the Commissioner of the Queensland Police Service.

Officers made the alarming discovery earlier this week when the man shot himself in the hand while cleaning a weapon and called an ambulance.

After he was rushed to Princess Alexandra Hospital, police searched the man’s Crestmead home and found eight firearms inside including a semiautomatic and two glocks.

Queensland Police administration officer charged with stealing

“The only one professional enough to…steal guns?” The video in the link provides better information: a total of two guns including a ‘semiautomatic rifle.’

Is it me or that looks too much like an Evil Black Rifle case?

It’s alleged the man took the illegally used weapons, which he is supposed to do inventory on, after they were seized by police.

So much for strict gun control when it is the people in Law Enforcement the ones breaking gun laws.

The incident sparked a frantic, statewide gun audit in the Queensland force earlier this week.
Every firearm issued police officers and every single gun seized during investigations was counted.

Notice that they don’t mention that the count was right. You want to know why? Because thee thief is the guy in charge of destroying the weapons confiscated by the authorities. Basically they can’t figure out how many were destroyed or not and where are they.

Kinda leaves you wondering of some guns have not been returned to the Aussie criminal element for some sort of payment. It would not be the first time that bad cops become the “unregistered gun dealers.”

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5 Replies to “The Australian Solution: “I swear they are all destroyed.””

  1. “Only cops should have guns”……i heard a rumor that downunder was considering lifting the gun ban. Ya know they only have roughly 3 million people there and the big gun ban only netted about 20 percent of the banned guns…. a utopia hey mate?

    1. They probably won’t. The Aussies don’t really have a gun culture, and what they have is more of a rural thing akin to our Fudds.
      Right now, if there’s another election, it looks like Labor will come to power and they’ll likely see a ban on lever action shotguns- pump guns are already banned.

  2. Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

    This is why I laugh at the “gun buy-backs.” They might tell the muggles that they destroy the guns but I will be willing to bet some sticky hands make the good ones vanish before then, and just destroy the crap guns to make a big circus showing of the whole thing.

  3. …”found eight firearms inside including a semiautomatic and two glocks”.

    So the Glocks were not autoloaders? Gaston’s going to be pissed when he hears about this.

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