21 Replies to “Hogg failed the SAT?”

  1. A few of the things he’s saying here are actually sort of correct. It’s kind of funny watching a stupid kid get slapped after only just getting a taste of the real world.

  2. Goebbels Jr. thinks his charming personality and respect for others will earn him a free scholarship. LOL!
    I’m sure in his mind he believe he “deserves” free college and stuff.

    Newsflash, you little twerp: If you stop whoring yourself to the libtards, you might have time to study more and not end up yet another free-loader.

  3. So, is he saying the HE would be a 20 something that would just waste time getting drunk and partying? If so, he shouldn’t go to college. He could always follow his mentor and become a chicken farmer.

  4. You don’t “fail” the SAT. Universities set their own minimum acceptable SAT scores for new applicants. Media Hogg just doesn’t measure up to their expectations for incoming freshmen. OOPS! I guess he should have spent more time studying.

  5. I also find this concept that he had to work hard in high school funny. It also tells me he might not be the sort cut out for college.

  6. Number A you don’t pass the SAT you get a score, unless something drastically changed in the 15 years since I’ve taken it. B He ain’t completely wrong about college, whoever wrote that. Most of it is over priced shit designed to make money not teach you anything valuable.

  7. I’m getting tired of hearing all these people’ lament that automation will make the job their studying for obsolete. And that this somehow makes technology evil. How about you study something challenging and useful. Like say, electrical/mechanical engineering and be the one getting paid to develop, implement, or maintain automated systems?

  8. Since most primary and secondary schools have done away with standardized testing, it’s unsurprising that a 4.25 GPA doesn’t mean much when it comes to taking the SATs or ACTs.

    Even more funny is that he also lost points in the acceptance process because he’s a white, middle class male. Something that he was apologizing for during his many interviews and speeches. I’m sure he’ll get an acceptance letter to somewhere now that he’s a darling of the left though.

  9. Twenty years ago the SAT maxed out at 1600 points (basically math and English), then it went to 2400 points, and it seems to be back to 1600 points.(1)

    If a score of 1270 (what I have read Hogg got) is a bad score, then he must have taken it under the 2400 point test, putting him in the lowest quarter of test takers.(2)

    In my opinion, if you get good grades and bad test scores, you have not learned the material. I took the SATs years and years ago and found the material to be incredibly easy, and I can’t imagine it’s gotten harder in this schooling environment.

    (1) https://www.princetonreview.com/college/sat-changes#!tab2

    (2) https://www.dreamaim.com/sat-score/

  10. Welcome to the real world where hard work gets results. Whiner,baby snowflake. Notice he blames everything but himself?some one raised him to be a good little victim..

  11. Sounds like he isn’t trying too hard. Snowflake Syndrome?

    Bad at taking an SAT Type Test? Take a test prep course (or two). Take practice tests. Learn how to take these tests. There is an entire industry devoted to SAT/ACT Test prep.

    Take the test over again! I have heard of people talking it three times.

  12. Not sure what it is like now, but when I took the SAT, you got something like 600 points just for showing up. It is one of those tests that ding you more for wrong answers than for blanks.

    Aside from that:
    1. it is everyone else’s fault he is not getting into a college.
    2. But, college is just a stupid waste of time anyway.
    3. Yet, he is upset he is not getting accepted to college.

    And, what type of degree do you get that results in you working minimum wage for five years? Oh, journalism maybe? Film studies? Hyphenated-American studies?

    Here’s a tip. Take up engineering, chemistry, medical sciences, or other STEM major. You will get a job. Maybe not the ideal job, but a job nonetheless.

    On the other hand, if you are a lazy punk, and do not actually want to earn what you get, you will end up with a worthless degree.

    1. Math is racist! So are you! You’re a sexist misogynistic homophobic racist, according to all the right people. Your wrong think will be punished!

      Seriously though, someone who scored in the bottom quarter of test takers probably shouldn’t go out and build bridges.

  13. Goebbels 2.0 is upset that his grades and scores aren’t good enough to get him into the college of his choice?

    A “4.11” suggests a 1-5 grade ratio scale.

    That’s an 82% score. A “B-“ average. For High school?

    You can’t get into any well regarded engineering or hard science curriculum with that, unless you have a stellar SAT. He says his SAT isn’t good- that’s not his fault is it? Waah-Waah.

    Another example-Texas A&M Mays Business School wouldn’t look at anything below about a 95% academic average for an incoming freshman.

    Could it be that this little snowflake, after a lifetime of “participation ribbons” and “everybody wins when we have fun” and “you are so precious and special and smart” and “you can do no wrong because you are socially conscious”, is not really academically qualified for real higher education of ANY SORT?

    Did he take courses like Calculus, Algebra II, Analytic Geometry, Spherical Trigonometry, Physics, Chemistry? Military History of the United States? Classical Greek? Latin? A modern foreign language? Or did he take “Gender Identity Analysis”, “The Sociology Of Patriarchy” or “Shakespeare’s Literature As Cultural Oppression”? UnderwaterBasket-Weaving?

    Did he run track or play lacrosse? Did this “socially woke” little darlin’ Carry boxes and unload trucks and serve meals at the local homeless shelter? Did he become an Eagle Scout with a service project that helped his community. Has he ever done anything nominally character-building that was not “me-centered”?

    With his notorious public actions , insistent narcissism, vulgar and crude demeanor and absolutely underwhelming academic performance, What normal institution would want him?

    An idea- Evergreen College in Washington has over the past decade or so become so notoriously trendy left / modern Progressive/Marxist that donations have dried up, enrollment has fallen 30% and they are laying off professors. Hogg should apply there- I’ll bet they would accept him.

    A true match made in hell. Good Riddance.
    I’ll bet his father is proud.

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