Ya’ll can shut the f*ck up now, ya hear.

From The Daily Mail:

London murder rate is HIGHER than New York’s for the first time ever after TWELVE killings in just 19 days.

From The Express:

Horror on streets of Germany: State of emergency declared as 80 men brawl with MACHETES

Dear anti-gun Leftists,

Next time you feel the need to lecture us how we should have European type gun laws and gun control because America is so much more violent that than our European counterparts.  Please print out your anti-gun OpEd, follow the helpful guide below, and shove your opinion up your ass.

Everything you say is wrong.



4 Replies to “Ya’ll can shut the f*ck up now, ya hear.”

  1. The last two weeks also saw a high number of attacks with knifes in germany. Most victims where seriously wounded, one is in coma.
    You can guess what culture the attackers hail from but to do so is somehow racist.

    Don’t make the mistakes we do.


  2. I have a better suggestion: all these progtard dbags that admire Europe cuz they be so “crime-free,” grab your shit and MOVE OVER THERE. We’ll pay your one-way plane-ticket, so just GTFO and stay there.


    1. We don’t want them. We already have enough homebrewed enlighted no-good-for-nothing goodthinkers.

      Can’t they move to some place that is said to be the paradise on earth because of socialism, like Venezuela or something?
      There they wouldn’t last two weeks. Let nature run it’s course.



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