Gun Salespeople of the month: Sinead Gonzales and “Junior Goebbels” Hogg.

Folks, they did it. March 2018 is going down as the month coming in second fourth as in most Firearms Background Checks = 2,767,699.

Number one is December 2015 (2,783,765) which I figure is a combination of the usual Christmas rush and the threats of passing an Assault Weapons Ban after Sandy Hook.

A measly difference of 16,066 BG checks against Number 3. and there might be a reason(s).  I just got back from annoying Rick from, the coolest FFL in NW Miami Dade County, and he was telling me about info he got from a small-not-so-small AR manufacturer who has been selling 4,000 lowers a week since this mess started and it has backorders for well over 60 days. We are talking lowers already paid for but have not been manufactured because of capacity and just this company could have mad the difference. Also, many manufacturers (if not) all had reduced the production lines after the initial avalanche in 2012-2013 so I am guessing they got caught again trying to keep with demand. And if y ou have checked different AR manufacturing websites, you already know that the most popular category is “out of stock.”

So guys, stand up and take a bow. There is a boatload of new and minty-fresh ARs on the hands of the Citizens of the United States of America.


Update: Corrected from earlier version because I did not read carefully and  used CTRL + F not quite right.


11 Replies to “Gun Salespeople of the month: Sinead Gonzales and “Junior Goebbels” Hogg.”

  1. So a few dozen nitwits destroy or turn in their AR’s for sjw creds. Tens of thousands of new AR’s are sold.

    The math balances out, right?

  2. Go ahead, demonize the AR-15. They tried it here in NY with the SAFE Act. Now there are more AR-15’s in circulation than ever before (you can still buy them here, contrary to popular belief). A big round of applause to the Tide Pod eaters for making March such a strong month for guns sales.

  3. Darn. I bought a rifle last month but didn’t make the count. Since I hold a Texas LTC, my form 4473 doesn’t get called in. Please add 1 to the March total. Thank you.

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