Maybe it is me, a cultural thing?

When you are still a kid and your parents let you have a key for opening a location, but do not trust you enough just yet, they make you wear it around the neck.  That is in the hope that having it under clothes and chained will make it harder for you to lose it. I remember I was supposed to do that when I was allowed finally to come and go to school on my own, but I refused and came up with a key ring attachment that I still use to this day.  I was not going to be forced to wear that “sign” of shame and I never did.

So this picture from J. Kb.’s previous post screams “immature teenager” to me.

And, of course, filling the backpack with Tampax is the kind of infantile joke that has a specific laughter as soundtrack.

Are these the people who Legislatures and Companies allegedly are afraid of? Really?

Legislator: Why didn’t your group vote for me?”
Citizen: “Because you were conned by a bunch of teenagers carrying clear backpacks filled with tampons . You are too stupid to hold office, much less to trust you to defend our rights.”

One Reply to “Maybe it is me, a cultural thing?”

  1. Good catch, I did not bother to look at that photo in detail. I never carried a key around my neck like that, it was in my pocket on a key ring.



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