The Illegal Alien Caravan has been stopped.

Reading about it over 90 Miles From Tyranny. Kinda funny that the Mexican Government suddenly remembered that it had to enforce its laws regarding immigration.

I have been wondering who was behind this political stunt. We are talking people from Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras and other Central American countries, and then I read in the tweets one little word: Chiapas.

Zapatista Army of National Liberation
Chiapas is the southernmost state of Mexico and port of entry for illegals in Mexico. But it is also the location of one Zapatista Army of National Liberation, as far as I know the only active communist militant group in Mexico.  They had a brief moment of Media Relevancy in the 90s when NAFTA came about and Comandante Marcos was seen (briefly) as the Mexican Che Guevara and it was true, just as Guevara, Comandante Marcos did not do squat.

The Zapatistas have been hanging around in Chiapas doing pretty much nothing but being pests. Are they directly responsible for the Caravan? No idea, but it would not surprise me that they had an influence in it, specially after reading their list of demands.

Some people were seeing the Caravan as an invasion, others were seeing it as a Day at the Range.

Oh well.

4 Replies to “The Illegal Alien Caravan has been stopped.”

  1. I love the “Mexico is not doing this as a result of any pressure”. Yeah, sure. Within 24 hours of Trump’s tweet, they’re stopping what they could have stopped last week.

  2. “The Illegal Alien Caravan has been stopped.”


    But the little paranoid gnome on my shoulder sez that it’s more likely they broke into smaller groups in order to not present a single large target and make it easier to sneak in illegally.

  3. The United States should just f——-g annex Mexico. Lock, stock, and barrel full of cocaine.

    The thirty-one states get added to the Union as regular states; Mexico City becomes a federal district just like Washington D.C.; and we build a much smaller border wall.

    Yes, the absorption of the s—thole Mexican economy by the American one would hurt for a decade or so. Yes, we’d see a massive internal migration of Mexicans to El Norte… But, at the same time, we’d enable American agribusiness, petrochemical business, and manufacturing to operate in Mexico unimpeded; bring the full weight of American law enforcement to bear against the cartels; and, obviously, seriously change out illegal immigration program.

    The Left have been calling us “imperialists” since 1870. Let’s go ahead and start acting like it.

    Pax Americana. Imperius Rex!

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