4 Replies to “The Parkland Safety Blues”

  1. I love the reply and might have tweeted that myself (if I did Twitter), but I also might have said, “No, sweetie, we’re treating you like money in a bank or jewelry in jewelry store. Precious things always have armed guards”

    If she would have understood I was patting her on the head like a stupid dog or something.

  2. Darlin’, nobody *needs* a non-clear backpack. Why won’t you compromise? Don’t you care about the children? /sarc

    You whined for big-bro government to stomp on other people’s rights, but now that it affects you personally it’s not cool? Aw, my heart bleeds. ;-D

    Welcome to the roller coaster of unintended consequences! Own it, love it, deal with it.

  3. Should be armed guards and metal detectors. Stop and frisk in the halls, run a drug dog thru every week, cameras we need more cameras, more cops, cops with rifles or shotguns with Gobbels Jr in charge. Heil Hogg Heil dogg

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