“It will never happen to me.”

Michael Finney, a 21-year-old supervisor at Carl’s Jr. across from the campus, said he came out of the bathroom to see a woman in a booth bleeding from the calf. Two friends were trying to stop the bleeding, using the victim’s sweatshirt as a tourniquet, but it wasn’t helping, he told the San Jose Mercury News.
“Everyone was figuring out what to do,” Finney said. “I was trying to stay calm and see what I could do. Everybody is shocked.”

Woman shoots 3, self at YouTube in possible domestic dispute.

Take your pick for Life Saving device in case of profuse bleeding:

A) Sweater.

Or, B) Tourniquet

7 Replies to ““It will never happen to me.””

  1. One quibble- I wish the makers of tourniquets would stop making them in black or other drab colours. Blaze orange or safety green would be a better choice.

    1. T on the their forehead in their own blood is what I was taught to alert medical personal to the tourniquet’s presence.

      There’s going to be lots of blood around if you’re needing to use the thing.

  2. I always carry a tourniquet. I have a flat one that is easy to pocket. I also have another that is easier to work, Velcro, and I carry it in a cargo pocket but not as flat.

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