It’s the NRA’s fault again and now they are going to take our guns.

Yesterday there was a shooting on the YouTube campus, wounding three before killing herself.

No other details were released before the usual suspects started blaming the NRA.

See, when Dana Loesch calls for pro-gun people to rise up against YouTube shutting down their accounts, blocking their videos, and demonitizing them, that means we should shoot up YouTube.

However, when a radical anti-gun person paints “Kill the NRA” on a billboard, we’re just a bunch of overly sensitive snowflakes who don’t get that is a peaceful message about political influence.

The shooting had to have been an NRA member driven mad by NRA propaganda to get revenge on YouTube.

Massachusetts Congressional candidate and crazy person Brianna Wu used the YouTube shooting to push her campaign with the message “vote for me to tyrannize others.”

I’m not going to pay a poll tax or pass a literacy test on my Constitutionally protected Second Amendment right.  I’ve made this very clear before.

A description of Wu’s political platform is the same as fetish porn – a tranny stamping a boot in your face.

Unhinged lunatic Michael Ian Black let loose how this was the NRA’s fault, regardless of who did the shooting.

And he wants to take your guns.

I hope Mr. Funnyman puts his money where his mouth is and comes for them himself rather than send the police to do his political bidding.  That will be a refreshing change.

Of course, tolerant anti-gunners fantasized about killing gun owners.

So what do we know about the shooter once the smoke actually cleared?

She was an Iranian, vegan, animal rights activist, bodybuilder.  So pretty much the core NRA member, Trump supporter, deplorable demographic.

It turns out she was mad as hell at YouTube, for demonitizing, filtering, blocking, and censoring her videos.  None of which had to do with guns.

Her website is full of grievances against YouTube.

He father warned police about her hatred of YouTube and that she had gone missing.  In true Parklandian fashion, the police talked to her that morning and let her go.

Undoubtedly it was the NRA’s fault.  You and I should be totally disarmed because of this, killed by police if we don’t give up our guns, the only people allowed to have guns are the cops who can’t seem to stop a shooting when given every possible detail in advance.

George W Bush got a vague warning from the CIA that a terrorist group out of Afghanistan was going to try and hijack planes, so 9/11 was his fault for not preventing it.

If the police were told on 9/11 that a dozen Saudis were going to shoot up the WTC Plaza at 8:03 AM, and didn’t prevent that, it would be the NRA’s fault.

There is no middle ground with these people, so where do we go from here?






7 Replies to “It’s the NRA’s fault again and now they are going to take our guns.”

  1. The fact that it was a leftist is not surprising; however that the police had contact with her and didn’t take her into custody seems a bit premature. Unless she made a specific and credible threat [which we don’t know yet] what exactly do you expect them to do? If police are expected to haul in everyone who starts talking shit, we better start building a lot more prisons. We don’t currently live in a Minority Report world, thank god. This is not similar to Parkland as in that case a specific and credible threat was made on numerous occasions. Just my 2 cents worth.

  2. Wow, MIB has done off an even deeper end!

    The anti-NRA crap seemed to have suddenly disappeared once the characteristics of the shooter were known. It’s a complete mystery to me as to why! (that last bit is sarcasm)

  3. I’m an NRA Endowment Life Member, and these people hate me. They think I’m a terrorist, that I’m complicit in murder, that I have blood on my hands. You can’t have a debate or dialogue with people like that. The lines are drawn.

  4. I am a Life member of 4, soon to 5 2ND Amend. RIGHTS organizations. I feel the Right to own a weapon has been INFRINGED for a long while. To me all gun laws are an INFRINGEMENT! You do not see all the laws on other GUARANTEED CIVIL rights. That is to the extent on the 2ND. IMO

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