We may have found his weak spot

A blog that I read linked to an article, which linked to another, which linked to an article in The Ralph Report.  I’m not familiar with The Ralph Report and I don’t have any idea how credible anything it produces is.  So I am reporting on this with a heavy dose of skepticism.

David Hogg’s Reddit Account is Full of Hilarious Cringe

Supposedly, David Hogg had a lot of posts on Reddit under the handle Davisgreen111 that indicate that he is a dateless loser.

If this is true, than I understand him a little more now.

I didn’t date in high school and it wasn’t for lack of trying.  I was a fat nerd.

Yes, it made me angry and bitter that I would get turned down and the dumb jocks weren’t.

Anger manifests itself in different ways in different people.  Mine turned into cynical determination.  If these girls weren’t going to go out with me now, I was going to study hard, invent something, make myself a huge fortune, and become the super rich guy that they wished they had dated in high school but didn’t while I enjoy life in my hot tub full of floozies.

Then I got a girl friend and that anger and self hatred just sort of evaporated.

If the Reddit stuff is true, Hogg is doing this to get laid.  He’s all over TV.  He’s leading a movement.  He’s WASPY Che.  He’s famous and doing this for he notoriety.

He’s an extreme version of the male-feminist at the Women’s Studies convention (yes, it’s satire, it’s still true).

The good news is – again, if this is true – he can be defeated with one of the Left’s favorite weapons.  Vagina.

All we need to do is find him a girlfriend who is a moderate and will fuck him but doesn’t like his over-the-top bullshit.

I guarantee he will mellow out overnight.


6 Replies to “We may have found his weak spot”

  1. Honestly the first thing I could think of as soon as he was becoming the face was this mofo is going to be drowning in pussy now. All them activist chicks are gonna go nuts for him.

    I’m sure he isn’t going to have much of a problem anymore.

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