Brady Campaign hitching its wagon to Black Lives Matter?

Interesting that they are replicating Moms Demand script. Or maybe is because they may be now getting funding from Bloomberg?

I would love to advise them against pissing off the rank-and-file LEO, but why correct the enemy when they are making a mistake?

5 Replies to “Brady Campaign hitching its wagon to Black Lives Matter?”

  1. In Chicago they’re near rioting over a ‘unarmed’ individual who was threatening police w/ a baseball bat. Apparently nomenclature has changed to mean ‘armed’ = ‘gun’ and anything else is good to go.

    1. Oh, or the older shooting, where the case has been reviewed like five times and every time it’s judged a justifiable shooting, BUT an innocent woman was downrange and also killed?

      That one sucks, and I know anyone not a cop would face charges, but they always seem to focus on the bat-wielding thug, not the innocent woman.

  2. y all got it wrong- “unarmed” means he was just walkin down the street mindin his Ps n Qs and some cop just jump out his car and blasted him! all these idiots screamin about “unarmed” lets put them in a cage at the next MMA fight…funny, they dont want guys like us to have guns,just cops. and then the next breath its WE GOTTA STOP THE COPS FROM SHOOTIN ALL THESE UNARMED PEOPLE. well…..which is it????

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