More rights for thee but not for me

From CNN:

How Parkland students feel about their new mandatory clear backpacks

Hint: they don’t like them.

Marjory Stoneman Douglas students encountered security barriers and bag check lines as they entered campus Monday morning.

Inside the school, administrators handed out the students’ newest mandatory accessories: a see-through backpack much like the ones required at some stadiums and arenas, and an identification badge they must wear at all times.

This is the quote that really kicked my ass.

First, students lost their classmates and teachers. Now, with the bags, they’re sacrificing their privacy for what he and others consider an ineffective security measure.

“It’s difficult, we all now have to learn how to deal with not only the loss of our friends, but now our right to privacy. My school was a place where everyone felt comfortable, it was a home away from home, and now that home has been destroyed,” he said.

Senior Delaney Tarr tagged Rubio in a tweet of a picture of her bag with feminine products and the orange price tag attached to it.

“Starting off the last quarter of senior year right, with a good ol’ violation of privacy!” she said in another tweet.

I just want to see if I understand this.  Goebbels Jr. and crew have been pushing for gun control for the last six weeks.  I’ve heard talk about assault weapon bans, magazine bans, gun registration, and even gun confiscation.

Taking the actions of Deerfield, Illinois as the model for what a lot of anti gun people want, what you are asking for is for me to have a transparent gun safe.  You want the police to be able to come into my house, look at the guns that I have, decide what I can and cannot keep, and take what they don’t you don’t like.  Yet somehow that is not a massively overbearing invasion of my right to privacy.

Clear backpacks may deter some from bringing weapons into school, but without metal detectors people can still conceal them in folders or in between papers, junior Isabella Pfeiffer said.

And backpacks won’t prevent firearms from getting in the hands of dangerous people in the first place, she said. It would not have prevented the February 14 rampage, because the gunman was not a student.

“This isn’t a solution to making sure that a tragedy like the one that happened at Douglas doesn’t happen again,” she said. “Many of us think that this is a way that legislators can pacify us instead of enacting actual change.”

And you don’t think the clear back pack rule will keep anybody safe.  Guess what, neither will talking semi auto rifles and high capacity magazines from law abiding citizens.  We’ve got reams of data on that going back decades.

Junior Connor Dietrich used tissue paper to obscure the contents of his bag. He, too, thinks the bags are not the answer to preventing guns from getting into the hands of the wrong people, which is what he and other students are fighting for.

Maybe Connor Dietrich should go to jail.  He’s obviously trying to get around the intent of the law and is risking other student’s lives.  If he’s not up to something bad why is he trying to stop people from looking in his back pack?  He doesn’t “need” privacy.

“You know it’s only difficult because if we were being listened to and common sense gun legislation was brought into play we wouldn’t need all of this to be safe.”

You don’t want the police looking in your back pack so you want them to raid my house?  Fuck you kid.

Junior Jack Macleod said he is not opposed to the clear backpacks if they are used with other safety measures, such as metal detectors or wands.  But safety may come at the cost of a productive school environment, he said.

“I definitely feel safer, but in no way is school going to be a place of cognitive education and creativity when it feels like a jail cell,” he said.

You don’t want to go to school in a jail but don’t mind America becoming a police state?

I’m actually kind of glad life slammed into these kids.  Not the shooting.  I don’t like the shooting, I wish that never happened.  But the mystery they are facing should teach them a lesson.

The golden rule of politics is: don’t impose laws on others that you don’t want imposed on yourself.

They want gun owners to face severe restrictions and a loss of rights, and they got that heaped on their heads.

Only if someone in the school could walk them through the lesson here, they might learn something.  Somehow, I doubt that will happen.

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  1. I suspect it will take some of them a few years for the lesson “that what is good for the goose will be used on the gander too” to actually sink into their little heads.



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