Progressivism and de-evolution

About 2.5 Million years ago one of our proto-human ancestors Homo Habilis (Handy Man) developed some of the first man made tools.  Those tools marked a turning point in human evolution, and are known as Oldowan tools.

It is without ad doubt that the first man made tools were cutting edges.

Knives and scrapers gave our Handy Man ancestors advantages in being able butcher meat and carry it off from a carcass before other predators and scavengers drove them away and ate their kill.

Since Homo Habilis first knocked a useful shard off a rock, the cutting edge, like the humans who made it, evolved.  Today the knife is one of the most ubiquitous and useful tools in man’s tool box.

Except in London.

Under the mayorship of Sadiq Khan, the Capital of the UK has become so progressive that it has regressed to the pre-stone age.

Welcome to the assumption that any cutting edge of any size for any reason is a weapon.

Sometimes the new reports cover some of the issues.

Black men ‘to blame for most violent city crime’… but they’re also the victims.

Police arrest 900 Syrians in England and Wales for crimes including rape and child abuse.

Most of the time, when you read reports about the rise in knife crime in London, there is a lot of reading between the lines that has to be done.

Rising Knife Violence Alarms Britain as Youths Take Up Blades.

Beyond the blade: the truth about knife crime in Britain.

Roughly half of London’s population is born outside the UK.  Most of that is from stab happy Muslims countries (but not all, Poles make up a large percentage of immigrants).


The rise in violent crime in London by immigrants and refugees has allowed native hooliganism to burst from the confines.

It is not a free-for-all.

How has London responded?  Poorly.

When your police don’t carry guns and have spent more time in sensitivity training than anything else, it takes a dozen cops to stop one migrant with a knife.

With all due respect to Black Lives Matter, a single American cop would have stopped that shit cold.

It is a waste of resources to have a dozen officers deal with one person like that.

So what do the British police do instead?  They arrest people for saying offensive things on Facebook and Twitter.  Why try stopping rampaging savages with knives when there are almost 4,000 internet trolls in their underpants drinking whatever the UK equivalent of Mountain Dew is, who hurt feelings.  If you don’t have a gun and have to sensitive to the religion of the guy yelling “Allah Akbar” while throwing battery acid in women’s faces, a fat internet troll is the least likely suspect to hurt you.

London has been so Woke that is has been raped and stabbed into submission by savages.

God forbid you are a law abiding British subject who bought something that came in sealed plastic clam shell packaging, if you think you can open that with a Swiss Army Knife, you are now fucked forever.

8 Replies to “Progressivism and de-evolution”

  1. That UK newspaper article quotes the law as forbidding “using public electronic communications network in order to cause annoyance, inconvenience or needless anxiety”.
    Wow. Even by thought police standards, that’s insane. No wonder London is surpassing the NYC murder rate.


  2. My prediction stands- either the old Englishmen will rise up and put a stop to this nonsense, or they will wind up under Islamic law.


    1. They will wind up under Islamic law. Same thing with pretty much all of Europe in 20 years. I honestly think being Jewish will be punishable by execution without trial in most countries next decade. After all you’ll have all the sharia maniacs leaving the Middle East and going to Europe or being killed. However what happens to the Middle East when they all leave the Middle East?

      in any case it’s unsustainable. These are forces fighting against the very things that gave us the quality of life that we have now. I’m almost expecting some event to take place that kills billions of humans in a very short period time. Most likely some kind of disease.


      1. “I honestly think being Jewish will be punishable by execution without trial in most countries next decade.”

        Perhaps the Eurostans can find a central location (maybe in Germany?) to “Resettle” the Jews? Perhaps I. G. Farben could make some money and whip up some Xyclon B? Then again Israel does have nukes.



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