2 Replies to “It is like they are not even trying anymore.”

  1. It is possible that woman was never even part of the “caravan”

    My ex used to work for a publishing company. They did the pennysaver ads that are tossed onto your driveway, or were when the world was not quite a crazy.

    On of her jobs was to write the sob stories. XYZ Charity is having a fund drive, or seeking donations. But, for whatever reason, they could not share a story of a real person.

    So, she made it up.
    Katrina has three children, and was running a successful window treatment business until she fell ill with hyper flatulence. The resulting lack of business and ruined houses drove her to bankruptcy, and she is now living under a bridge with her two children and a pet dung beetle. Your generous donation of used underwear can feed her family for three centuries…

    or some other claptrap.

    Oh, and whip on a stock photo, and you pull heartstrings.

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