The Country Formerly Know As Great Britain is the Florida Man of Europe.

Seems like I wrote this before. Remember the 78-year-old London man who killed a home invader in the wee hours of the night, got arrested for murder and then was released? You are not gonna believe what is happening.

A shrine to a dead burglar has been set up yards away from the home where he was stabbed – as its pensioner owner is forced to stay away under police protection.
Dozens of flowers have been attached to a fence just 20 yards away from Richard Osborn-Brooks’ home in Hither Green paying tribute to Henry Vincent.

The career criminal died after being stabbed while breaking into the home last week where the 78-year-old owner lived with his wife Maureen.
Mr Osborn-Brooks was arrested on suspicion of murder but has since been released and faces no charges.
He and his wife have been forced to stay away under police protection and today officers were seen removing clothes and belongings including Roses chocolates and a phone charger.
A group of seven women arrived at South Park Crescent in London to add to the cards, balloons and flowers already left over the weekend.

Shrine to dead burglar near to house where he was killed as homeowner forced to stay away under police protection

Get your popcorn, folks. If we are lucky the London will become a full-fledged urban combat zone and we will see the best of hand-to-hand combat since the gladiators.

Impunity. It works very well for Brit criminals and their loved ones as it  worked for Stoneman Douglass shooter Nikolas Cruz, for the BSO deputy that hid rather than face Cruz, for the School Board that covered all the craziness and felonies committed by Cruz and to Sheriff Scott Israel.

Hat Tip Rob R.

3 Replies to “The Country Formerly Know As Great Britain is the Florida Man of Europe.”

  1. We’ve seen stuff like that in the US, too, in all fairness. Remember the homeowner who defended himself against three home invaders (armed and masked) and was criticized for “overmatching” with an AR?


  2. A sad end to the nation of my ancestors. A nation that once conquered a good chunk of the world, defeated Napoleon and put him in exile, and after an initial fit of appeasement put a well aimed boot up the arse of Hitler.



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