10 Replies to “When no university has accepted you…”

  1. The lil’ scumbag needs to permanently move to Commiefornia or Turdegon. The progtard universities will just love his “woke” attitude.

    1. The Left thinks he’s alright for a quick 15 minute story, but there’s no real reason to keep him around. He’s already starting to fade in favor of “tampon boy”.

  2. I thought he got into U of New Mexico.

    Regardless, if he thinks he will get more respect than Collin Goddard he is wrong. He has a shelf life that is limited. Bye bye

    1. Goddard was a blast. One of my high points was getting him to respond on Twitter and tying him in knots when we got him off message. It wasn’t too long after that that his handlers put a kibosh on his commenting freedoms. When his dad started putting out some seriously bigoted remarks against mormons, he pretty much completely disappeared.

  3. Glenn Beck had him on his show, not the controversial Hogg,but the Hogg whose family has “allegedly” received death threats…I switched to another talk radio show…poor loud mouth snowflake can yell kill the nra but becomes instant victim. Hows it feel? Snowflake.

  4. When no college accepts you, you give a Nazi salute! Makes perfect sense!

    Could be no one wants him because he’s radioactive now.

  5. What college administrator in his or her right mind would want to deal with … this … on campus. They have enough issues with the flakes, fruits and nuts who haven’t been given a moment of national fame.

  6. Why does he need to go to college? What can a university liberal arts degree teach him that he doesn’t already know. He knows GOP = evil, White Privilege, and tampon access. That’s a BA in Social Justice right there. Might as well not pay the tuition and go straight being an MSNBC intern with those credentials.

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