Dear Florida GOP, we told you so.

And you went ahead and acted like the fool passing a stupid law with the escape hatch so more killings will happen.

But what about Palm Beach County?

Miami Dade School Board is thinking about it although Miami-Dade County Schools Superintendent Alberto Carvalho has said he is opposed to the program. So that would be the kiss of death for the three biggest school systems of the state.

Oh yes, they all want to see if it is possible to get the monies anyway even if they don’t arm school personnel.

Tell me again why should I vote for those GOP legislators who vote for this stupid bill?

5 Replies to “Dear Florida GOP, we told you so.”

  1. Vote for a GOPe squish, and you’ll have a chance of getting rid of him once his term finishes. Vote for a Democrat, and you’ll never have a chance of voting them out.

  2. Is it just me, or do all Democrat picked/elected chief law enforcement shills wear 4 freaking stars on their collar? Around here a colonel’s eagle is enough badge of rank. It seems every political law enforcement hack has to be “General of the Army”. Probably with a force an Army Captain would consider under strength.

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