2 Replies to “Pre-Crime will be achieved”

  1. That’s okay. In 2-5 years, Facebook will have gone the way of Myspace and AOL Chat.
    I’m thiiiiiis close to cutting the social media cord completely, and will probably do so this summer.

  2. Facebook has for years been an insufferable wasteland of intolerance, hatred, and acrimony that is destroying relationships. In 5-10 years, it won’t exist. The world is full of dumb assholes, but even the dumbest assholes won’t be using Facebook in a decade at the rate things are going. I suppose the idiocy will migrate over to Instagram, the superficial photography social media site Facebook commandeered, but even there it won’t last long.

    What’s most amusing about this is that megalomaniac Zuckerberg thinks his product is important enough to continue existing.

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