Because they are Classy People.

I am guessing you have heard about Brenna Spencer who posed outside a museum in Chattanooga, TN with her gun:

So the Antis lost their minds and ABC news contacted Chattanooga PD for “a commentary.” Classy move, that could have been avoided if they researched the law and found out Tennessee is an Open Carry State.

Today we have this:

One has to wonder where does Marina’s vagina is located.  Anyway, they are crass and vile people who do not command but the basic respect because they are human beings… barely.

8 Replies to “Because they are Classy People.”

  1. Progtards ain’t “classy.” They’re sicko perverts that are obsessed with the reproductive organs of the POTG.

    Fuggin’ weirdos need to keep their hands to themselves. >:-|


  2. They think that somehow, they will scare off the opposition by mentioning female anatomy.

    Generally, that attracts me. So epic fail.



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