6 Replies to “Every Conversation with a Gun Control Activist Lately.”

  1. That’s cuz libtards as a whole are braver when behind a keyboard and/or hiding under the skirts of their guvment proxies that they demand do the dirty job(s) for them.

  2. Maybe we should go after the first amendment. Freedom of speech has caused more than one rally to become violent and cause death and destruction of private property, therefore it should be illegal. Pelosi agrees! “As Pelosi said when she condemned the group, “In California, as across all of our great nation, we have deep reverence for the Constitutional right to peaceful dissent and free speech. Nonviolence is fundamental to that right.” so why is she not trying to ban freedom of speech?
    Charlottesville rally violence
    Police reported 15 injuries associated with the rally, but that toll jumped around 1:30 p.m. when a man drove a silver Dodge Charger into a crowd, killing Heather Heyer, a 32-year-old local paralegal whose father said she was always fighting for others.
    Nineteen more people were injured. Video shows the Charger barreling down a narrow side street packed with protesters. It slams into a silver convertible, throwing one protester onto the convertible’s roof.
    The driver then backs down the street, its bumper dragging.
    Must have all been legal activity no gun involved….

    1. It’s coming.
      The WSJ had an op-ed today that quoted Mark Zuckerberg proposing some sort of “structure”, a couple of people “who ultimately make the final judgment call on what should be acceptable speech in a community that reflects the social norms and values of people all around the world.”
      “Community standards” is evil enough, but “community standards” taken from Saudi and Malaysia red China is much worse still.

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