First was buckets of rocks, now it is mini baseball bats

Again, not The Onion.

According to Superintendent Bill Hall, the bats were distributed to each teacher, following an in-service training day on how to respond to school shootings.
Hall says the bats are primarily “symbolic” but are now an option for teachers to use should they need to fight back in a shooting.
The bats will be locked up in each classroom and kept in the offices in the district’s 10 school buildings.

Pennsylvania school district arms teachers with mini baseball bats

You know what else? They should be chained down so they don’t get take  too far. Yeah, that is the ticket.

This kind of reminds me the Brits in WWII  coming up with stupid ideas to battle German submarine wolf packs. My favorite was trying to train seagulls to poop on periscopes the moment the saw one.

I am so glad I don’t have kids.  Between the Stupid and the Insecurity, one would be hard pressed not to home-school your children.

PS: Thanks to @AnonTechGuy912 who just made realize the irony of issuing blunt weapons to teachers when the FBI shows UCR that more people were killed by impacts with an instrument than by all rifles.

6 Replies to “First was buckets of rocks, now it is mini baseball bats”

  1. Well, at least they’re moving quickly through the history of weapons. At this rate they’ll have spears next week, and bows and arrows by May.


  2. Perfectly logical if you believe a handgun can’t stop a person with an AR-15 because it shoots twice as fast as a handgun. ARGH!

    Can’t they at least get full sized bats from the athletic department?


  3. The rocks make more sense. At least you don’t need to close to zero distance to use the rocks. With any non-projectile weapon vs a gun, you’ll be shot before you get close enough to use it, unless you’re a real hand to hand combat ninja.


  4. I am a teacher in Florida. I am also a veteran, and a retired tactical firemedic with 22 years of experience. I can’t carry at work, so I have put together an “active shooter” kit. Completely legal and does not require school approval, even if it would result in my termination if discovered.
    It contains a level IV vest, 2 containers of pepper spray, and a baseball with a bat (including the ball lets me claim that the bat is sports equipment and not a weapon), all in a bag in one of the cabinets in my classroom. I may add a Kevlar helmet.



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