This is where I get confused.

Other than the fact That I am about $250 short, here is the rub why I am not buying it even though I would like a pistol AR.

If it is a pistol kit, why NFA rules?

 It is the customer’s responsibility to be aware of all applicable laws and regulations regarding the purchase and ownership of uppers with a barrel length of less than 16″. Federal NFA regulations are applicable to this item.

I guess I could and ask them, but they are busy and I really don’t feel like bothering them. If I were to guessI’d say it means “Don’t be building an SBR with this kit, you ass!”

My opinion, law may vary and you may get in deep crap if you think I am right.

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  1. Get a lower called a firearm in case you ever want to change the barrel. If by an nfa item they mean it needs to go to an FFL then find another dealer

  2. While on this subject… can I take a “pistol” AR lower and change the buffer tube for a rifle’s and add a stock on it, to use with an 16″ barrel upper or is that another murky ATF don’t-do-that?
    Had plans to build a 9mm AR pistol with a SBR upper, but changed my mind years back and never bought the 9mm SBR upper to finish the pistol. Now I’d like to reclaim that lower to use for a regular AR rifle.


  3. NO!!!! Dont make an AR pistol lower a rifle!!! If its stamp PISTOL it remains a pistol. And dont put regular stock on it that makes it an S R. Yes its stupid but thats the rules.
    07 manufacturer Curby

  4. That’s exactly what it means. Don’t play around and put this 7.5″ upper on that 16″ ar you bought last year.

    I was at a gun show one time and watched a customer walk up to a booth and take the upper off a pistol, put it on a rifle lower, and then ask the guy behind the table how much it would be for the package.

    To his credit, he said “about 20 years” and then took it back apart. He calmly explained why he couldn’t do that and the customer left in a huff.

    We tend to forget that the NFA just isn’t going to be something that most people are aware of. A little bit ago I was at someone’s house and they brought out an AR pistol to show off to the guys. It had a vert grip on it. I got some very nasty looks when I told them that wabads

  5. Thanks for the info, gents.

    I don’t recall seeing a “pistol” stamp on the lower. It’s a PSA lower like this one:

    Have to dig out the lower from the stash to confirm but it appears that it is a regular AR lower with just the buffer tube being “pistol” specific.
    Worse case scenario, I’ll just sell the darn think and get a nakid PSA lower and build it from scratch. Got plenty of spare parts around.

  6. As to a short barrel(10.5) AR being “concussive”…uum yup it is, but its LARGE fun. You can hear my m16 8 miles away…sure makes the hippies round here jumpy. Heh heh. Guys, please dont mess around with AR barrel length, it is a completly different animal than a Thompson Contender.

    1. More specifically, 5.56’s primary ‘tool’ is velocity. 10.5/11″ is loud too but it’s pretty much the minimum to maintain some type of (short range) performance. 10.5/11″ is also the minimum length to avoid damaging many suppressors (RTFM). 7.5″ is roughly a 1/3 of the original fielded barrel length and IMHO designates the firearm as ‘excessively loud range toy’. For extra loudness, use a muzzle brake; it’ll remind you why suppressed shooting is polite shooting.

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