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Operation Sceptre is the name of a British police initiate to tackle knife crime.  This is how it is described from the official website of the Metropolitan Police.

We launched Operation Sceptre in July 2015 with the aim of reducing knife crime and the number families affected by knife crime across the whole of London. The launch was designed to coincide with new legislation that means that those convicted of carrying a knife for the second time will face a mandatory custodial sentence. Operation Sceptre seeks to target not only those who carry and use knives, but also the supply, access and importation of weapons.

There is a Twitter hashtag for this, #OpSceptre.  Various police units post their finds and seizures on Twitter as a warning to people.  The problem is that it makes the UK look like a laughing stock.

Was that really a stashed weapon or did somebody lose that?

The kitchen knife may be dubious but I’m pretty sure the pruning shears were dropped by whoever has the job of maintaining that planter.

For fuck’s sake, a Leatherman?  Really?

This is where this whole thing starts to die.

I agree with the Left, the purpose of guns is to kill.  However, I don’t have an inherent problem with that.  I have a problem with who is killing and why.  I believe that killing in self defense is legitimate and so I believe that people should be allowed to have the tools for effective self defense.  Attack me and I will try and kill you right back.

In this way, knives are not like guns.  There are many uses for a knife beyond stabbing people.  As someone who carries a Swiss Army Knife… everywhere… I wouldn’t want to use it as a weapon.  There are just so many better options for improvised weapons than my Deluxe Tinker.

So when the Mayor of London said “there is never a reason to carry a knife,” any rational person would say “bullshit.”

This is the same attitude had by NY prosecutor Cy Vance and Governor Andrew Cuomo in for punishing working class people in New York for carrying knives used for work, to the point where they go after retailers like Home Depot.

Or in the case of the UK, housewares retailers.

It is the assumption that the ONLY reason to have a knife is to use it as a weapon, carrying a knife ALWAYS has nefarious intent, and only bad people carry knifes of any kind.

I get that carrying an 8 inch novelty “Rambo” knife is probably criminal, but when that is treated the same as multi-tool, society has reached the level of “dystopian police state.”

The more the UK police focus on “carrying knives” and not why people are stabbing each other, the more laughably ridiculous this becomes.

Forget the wayward youths stabbing each other over drugs or hooliganism, we need to be sure to disarm every mechanic and handyman in Kingdom.

Part of this war on knives in the UK is charities and other groups who have placed “knife bins” in locations to get people to give up their knives.

Words 4 Weapons is one of these charities.

Only Cowards Carry is another.  This second one intrigues me.

Pictures of their bins have been posted here before.

I am curious, does this work?

I’m not a psychologist but it seems like this is supposed to shame people who carry knives as weapons into giving up their knives.  That seems to be as bad as the “real men use fists” crap we’ve seen from the anti gun crowd.

Maybe centuries of being Subjects not Citizens makes Britons act differently, but if someone said to me “you are a coward because you have a SAK on you, give it up” it’s only going to piss me off, not make be throw my knife away.

Really, to me this is nothing but a convenient evidence disposal box.

If freedom is to prevail in the US or even make an attempt at comeback in the UK, the first thing that needs to reassert itself is the presumption of innocence.

Simply carrying a knife, or a gun, or possession of a scary black rifle and extra big metal box with a spring is not evidence of malicious intent.

Anybody that can’t differentiate between a guy with a tool and a guy with criminal intent doesn’t belong anywhere near authority.

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  1. The Statists, wherever they are, believe that individual people are the property, not of themselves but of the State. Self defense is not a right.

    In London , call 112 run and hide and hope for the police to arrive in time. You are not allowed to fight back.

    The citizens of the UK are “subjects”.

  2. This is why I respond to these idiots with “Get away from me you RAPIST/WHORE”. Because you know, simple POSSESSION of the tools for nefarious purposes is their REAL crime……
    It usually gives the ones who are just mimicking the leftist crap pause to consider what they are implying. And sometimes it’s effective.

  3. “Operation Sceptre”

    At first glance, I read it as “Operation SPECTRE,” which would arguably have been more appropriate … especially as the operation is supposed to be getting dangerous things off the street, so of course they named it after a glorified club.

  4. Oho trekker with emmerson mod here ftw.

    Agree, I use a knife almost daily, the screwdrivers are super handy, that’s why I like the Swiss army.

    I always find the guns are meant to kill thing interesting. I also do not have an inherint problem in that fact, though I would temper it by saying no rule tis hard and fast. Afterall, no 100lb benchrest rifle was ever meant to kill anything.

  5. OMG!!!!! Imust be a horrible person…..I carry TWO knives…..and a .45.
    The nanny knigdom. I have family there, they live in a small town. No one goes out at night anymore. Another point of idiocy there- they have an antique shop. They sold a bed,3 pieces. The mover guy shows up, says paperwork shows TWO pieces, Im not taking that its THREE pieces…. refused to put it on his truck.

  6. Like I mentioned in a related post, just about anything can be turned into a weapon if the person is evil & creative enough.

    So, any bets on how long until the UK bans all eating utensils? Rocks? Lumber? Bricks? Pipes?

    1. Well, there was that nice spoof about banning hands, a few days ago. Then again, an even more accurate spoof would be about banning brains. 🙂

  7. London Mayor Sadiq Khan: “There is never a reason to carry a knife.”

    If the official government position is that knives, scissors, and garden shears are all lethal weapons with no legitimate purpose (why does that sound familiar?), that statement should have consequences.

    If the working people of London had any spine left, his chef-prepared dinners would be served whole-animal (read: with head, feet, skin, and innards intact) and whole-vegetable, complete with stems and roots, all barely cooked (because it’s HARD to cook unsliced and unprepared food). The mayoral manor grounds would be left untrimmed, unkempt, and growing wild; and no barber in the city would accept him as a client.

    Because we wouldn’t want any scary and dangerous weapons being used around His Excellency The Mayor, now, would we?

    Unfortunately, they are subjects, not citizens. Citizens have spines. Subjects have a peculiar weakness around the knee area; they bend too easily.

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