3 Replies to “We have been there for a while.”

  1. It’s a condition that’s been around since at least the sixties.

    Ignorant and posturing legislators and bureaucrats have been determining how much water our toilets must use per flush (often requiring two or more flushes) how much gas our cars can use (creating cars made of tinfoil that get totaled in a collision with a large dog) how many watts our light bulbs use (causing people to bring CFB containing mercury into our homes) how “efficient” your water heater must be (raising the cost of a new water heater from a few hundred to over a thousand dollars for little gain in your utility bill). The list goes on. I cringe whenever someone says “There outta’ be a law.”


  2. The irony is that libtards will just read post that, quickly dismiss it and just go: “Huh?? Buut TRRUUMMPP! Buut RUUSSSIAAA!! Wah!”


  3. The law makers don’t get any smarter on any other topic, either.
    Nor is this stupidity exclusive to just one party.

    People should remember that whenever they start saying “there should be a law”, or “Congress should DO something”, or so on.



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