Because the truth would not have resulted in a win.

AMSTERDAM (AP) — A spine-tingling photo of a young man on fire during clashes in the Venezuelan capital of Caracas during the protest against President Nicolas Maduro has won the World Press Photo of the Year.
The photo by Agence France-Presse journalist Ronaldo Schemidt won both the overall honors and the category for Spot News Single on Thursday in Amsterdam. Jury chair Magdalena Herrera called it “a classical photo” that gave her “an instantaneous emotion.”
The photo shows a man who was in flames after a gas tank on his motorcycle exploded. He escaped with second-degree burns. Schemidt is a photographer for AFP based in Mexico.

Photo of Venezuela unrest wins World Press Photo contest.

This who ride motorcycles are probably scratching their heads trying to figure out how come the young man wearing a helmet and a gas mask managed to catch fire on his back if the gas tank exploded in front of him.

The truth is that the fire comes from a Molotov Cocktail that he was trying to throw and came apart on him as he was about to launch it. I remember seeing it as it was being streamed live when it happened.

Never forget, journalists are not known for their honesty.

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  1. I wouldn’t call it a “Kamikaze” attack. More like “don’t point the end of the gun with the hole at your face” stupid. That said, journalists have been lying to promote their agenda since the invention the printing press.

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