Sadly, This Explains So Much.

It explains why the flavor of the month is a kid throwing Nazi-like salutes.
It explains why his companion’s fashion statement is to look like she is about to hit the showers at Auschwitz.
It explains why they want to send us to camps.
It explains why they using sacred words like “Never Again” as a cheap Twitter hashtag.
It explains why they want us dead.


8 Replies to “Sadly, This Explains So Much.”

  1. The progtard training camps, aka. public schools, have all but changed history books and they’re preaching that crap to new generations.

    You wouldn’t believe the # of progtards out there that say the holocaust “never happened.” >:-\


      1. If they attempt it here, we have one advantage (and one they continually work on taking away because I figure they’re scared $#!+less) .

        We have guns.

        All we need to add to that is the will to use them when necessary and making sure they understand that.


        1. The will to use them is the hard part- 100million plus gun owners and not even 10 percent belong to ANY gun rights group. Why???? We the people need to get on it. Not preachin just frustrated. We represent more than 1/3 of the population imagine how liberals would act if the NRA had 100 million members. Vermont gov just signed a bunch of gun control laws. Mag bans semiauto bans. VERMONT!! Home of the first state to pass constitutional carry! Complacency breeds failure.


  2. Thank you for the “Ascent of Man” clip. That particular episode has haunted me since it first aired. The whole series should be mandatory viewing in high school, but we no longer teach history in school.

    I’ve said it before and will continue to say it: The only meaningful difference between the modern day “progressives” and the Nazis is that the “progressives” don’t (yet) have absolute power. I guess when the revolution comes; this old, fat, white man will be among the first they will come for. I hope I can take a few with me rather than quietly going to the showers.


    1. Two things stick with me from that mini series: That clip and the one about robotics where he explained about how a baby learned by himself to stand up and walk but robot designers have not yet even begin to figure out how to do it. And if you think about it, here we are 40+ years later and still robots cannot do what a baby does on its own.
      The complexity of the human brain is just amazing.



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