Dear Fudd: yes, they will come for your guns. The Australian Example


Above one of Brisbane’s busiest commuter intersections, a billboard advertises the Victrix bolt-action rifle.
Although the same Victrix bolt-action rifle is marketed in the US as suitable for uses including “military” and “law enforcement”, in Australia the Victrix (and similar weapons) are categorised with firearms licensed for hunting and sport.
Gun control advocates have dubbed the Victrix guns “high-powered and military-style”. They warn that an increasing range of these guns – which still have design specifications that allow them to be classified as sporting and hunting firearms – have hit the Australian market.
Gun Control Australia has called for a rewrite of weapons classifications, which the group says are outdated and do not properly codify modern hi-tech guns.

Guns advertised on Brisbane billboard sold as ‘military’ use in US

Bolt action rifles are well over a century-old technology. The only thing that has changed has been the materials used as they have improved and made lighter: Better steel, better workmanship for a smother works, synthetics for the stock, etc.

Your “grandpa deer rifle” is now about to be considered a military weapon in Australia and bound for confiscation.

You have been warned, repeatedly.


9 Replies to “Dear Fudd: yes, they will come for your guns. The Australian Example”

  1. Guns that are too accurate can be used by snipers and spree killers.

    Guns that are inaccurate are dangerous and unpredictable.

    Guns in powerful calibers do far more devastating damage and offer too much barrier penetration.

    Guns in intermediate calibers can be fired too rapidly and allow bad people to carry too much ammo.

    Rimfire calibers are still deadly and often mistaken for toys, also they are quiet allowing for bad people to avoid law enforcement .

    Bullets made from lead are poisonous and hurt the environment.

    Bullets made from metals harder than lead are armor peircing cop-killers.

    There is NO GUN an anti-gunner will allow you to have over a long enough time line.

    And when they get the guns they switch to the knives…..


  2. Yep, a $9,000 Beretta bolt action 308 with a 16 inch barrel is a problem. Since Australians are limited in magazine capacity, that is just a really, really expensive SMLE.


  3. I’m starting to think that the gun banners actually believe that “military” style features actually make any gun that much more powerful and deadly- that a Mauser style action chambered in .308 gets a +4 hit bonus if clad in a military style stock over the classic wood sporting style.


    1. Yes, some of them probably are that stupid.
      Unfortunately, some others are just evil, and they know they have latched onto a scam that can be used to fool the ignorant and push their totalitarian agenda.



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