Death sells or why we don’t care about the Media.

Saw this last night:

The eggs went to restaurants and stores, including Walmart and Food Lion, in Florida, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Virginia, Colorado and West Virginia.
Waffle House was one of the restaurant chains that purchased the eggs.
In grocery stores, the eggs were sold under brands that include:
Country Daybreak
Crystal Farms
Coburn Farms
Sunshine Farms
Great Value (Walmart’s store brand)
Food Lion’s store brand

ZOMG! We are all gonna die!.. not quite.  only 22 people affected out of 206 million eggs comes about one in 9,363,000 or about ten times less than getting hit by lightning. You will get the shitters faster by eating your regular fare at Taco Bell.

But if you pause for a second and think “how the fuck 200 million eggs got contaminated with Salmonella” just don’t worry, you are simply not getting the full info. From USA Today (I know, amazing):

The egg recall is the largest in the United States since 2010, according to Food Safety News.
The recall involves eggs with the plant number P-105, with the Julian date range of 011 through 012 printed on either side of the carton or package.

200 million eggs recalled over salmonella fears

So instead of throwing away any and all eggs from your fridge, you simply check the boxes and see if they corresponds with the recall. If they don’t, go ahead and get yourself some scrambled eggs.

Oh, and a small reminder: Chickens in the US are not treated with antibiotics, remember? They are making sure you know in the commercials because apparently is a selling point. so you are eating potential salmonella grenades every time you go sunny side up. Check your local/state health department for the cooking temperature of eggs and just enjoy the suckers.


3 Replies to “Death sells or why we don’t care about the Media.”

  1. “The recall involves eggs with the plant number P-105, with the Julian date range of 011 through 012 printed on either side of the carton or package.”

    Thats Jan. 11 & 12th. How long have they been in storage? 3 months old?
    This is Why my eggs come from my back yard.

  2. Salmonella is a natural bacteria found in the innards of a chicken much like e-coli is found in our guts.

    Wipe out all the salmonella bacteria in the chicken, and thus its eggs, and you’ve killed the chicken.

    In effect ALL eggs and poultry are “contaminated” with salmonella. It’s poor storage that lets the food get to a nice happy state for bacteria breeding which is the problem.

    I’m willing to bet that this is from a “where’s the Form A about the disposal of those eggs that got too warm those days the reefer unit on building 3 was down?” Is what started the recall when someone realized they’d shipped rather than disposed.

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