His true self

Goebbels Jr. Tweeted this.

He’s just toying with companies’ bottom lines now.

He has revealed his true self with this Tweet. 

He is an opportunistic sociopath, drunk on social media power.

It’s not about saving lives.  It’s about tormenting people he doesn’t like.

2 Replies to “His true self”

  1. I’ve heard there is another march coming apparently, and I’m glad. I want them to really ratchet things up this time. I want them to demand a full repeal of the second amendment. I want them exclaiming that the NRA and it’s members should be locked up or killed, and that gun owners are all mentally ill. (I’m actually not making these things up, I’ve seen plenty of lefties say this stuff verbatim). Keep pushing. Make the first march look reasonable in comparison.

    I’ve said before and I’ll say it again, most Americans don’t like to be told what to do, and are going to do the exact opposite out of spite and rebellion.

  2. Like all bullies, he’ll get punched on the nose eventually, figuratively or for realsies. I personally couldn’t care less.

    Just need a bit of a heads up beforehand so I can get the popcorn ready. 😉

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