Joy Reid’s projection of bigotry

Joy Reid interviewed the rapper and social justices activist Killer Mike.  Part of what they talked about was gun ownership and the African American community.

Killer Mike is apparently pro-gun and did an interview with NRA TV and Colion Noir and claimed that the NRA misused the interview.

Joy Reid decided to ask Killer Mike about the two men arrested for “doing nothing” at Starbucks.  She impugned the police, but in doing so pushed the idea that concealed carry is racist.  Essential, black people can’t carry concealed because they’ll get shot on the spot.

“My thinking on is that if either of those two men had been concealed carry holders, and any of those police officers had seen a gun, even though they were being as peaceful as they were, there is a great probability that they would be dead.  Do you worry that encouraging black people to carry endangers black people’s lives? We know that implicit bias is real.”

I don’t know what the point of that was.  Is it that since she thinks blacks can’t CCW than nobody should because racism?  Maybe police should have better training on how to deal with CCW holders.  Maybe she just wants black people to cry victim more?  I’m not sure.

Yes, the Philando Castile case was a cluster fuck.  So was every stop of a CCW by psychopath cop Daniel Harless.

I was taught by the cop who did one of my CCW courses that the best way to tell a cop you are carrying is to start by announcing you have the permit first and early on, then show deference to the officer.

Officer, I have a CCW permit and firearm.  What would you like me to do?”

I can’t speak to every situation, but being calm and respectful seems to go a long way.

Which goes back to what started the whole Starbucks situation.  Not respecting the “bathrooms are for paying customers only” rule and/or social convention.  Even if you have to use the bathroom first, once you come out, get in line to buy something.

I think that is part of the CCW equation Joy Reid doesn’t get and doesn’t want to.  When carrying, you have to be conscientious of your actions.

For Reid it’s easier to play the victim and cry racism.

3 Replies to “Joy Reid’s projection of bigotry”

  1. Some states require you to announce that you carry, some do not. I’ve seen it argued that it’s best not to tell the cops if you’re not required to, otherwise one might panic and start hollering “gun” and …


  2. I used to notify, until I ran into an Orange County Sergeant who flipped out. He had pulled me over for running a red light. I told him I was carrying, and he immediately put his hand on his gun and said “If you move, I will kill you where you stand.”
    The rest of the stop was like that. He called me a dumbass, and was very threatening and rude. That was the last time I identified myself to a cop. The law doesn’t require it, and I don’t need to be firing up any wannabe Dirty Harry asshole.



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