NFA and The Hughes Amendment: Gun Owner’s Laser dot.

This is my official notice: We are to concentrate all our efforts in repealing the National Firearms Act and the Hughes Amendment. This is my new stance and I shall dedicate my time to see that it happens.

Now, send me money. Use the PayPal link on the right of this page.
Sometime next week, I will organize a gun raffle calling it “Bring down the NFA and The Hughes Amendment” at $25 a ticket. I want to sell about one hundred entries and I promise you, that money will go to efforts to repeal the National Firearms Act and the Hughes Amendment.

Then I will tell you that I need more donations so I can go to the Florida Legislature to talk to state representatives and repeal National Firearms Act and the Hughes Amendment. When I get back, I’ll post a couple of pictures of me and politicians and tell you how I stood firm and announced that there would be NO COMPROMISE when if comes to machine guns.

An ask you for more money.

PS: I will make at least one post a week crapping on the NRA and the Second Amendment Foundation. I will accuse them to be in cahoots with Dianne Feinstein and Chuck Schumer to bring about Gun Control. You know damn well the NRA supported the NFA back in 1934!

That is all, please send me money.  I am No Compromise!*

Thank you.



*I did not say a thing about getting shit done.

8 Replies to “NFA and The Hughes Amendment: Gun Owner’s Laser dot.”

  1. This seems vaguely familiar…

    Oh! Maybe you can organize a fight at the state level and make sure any laws that have a reasonable chance of making it to the governor’s desk get shut down because we want the whole cake back, including all the little crumbs, and we want it right now! (Of course, we didn’t lose the whole cake in one go, but anything less is a compromise, so shut it down!)

    To be fair, they have a place in the fight, too. I just wish they wouldn’t crap on those doing the real work and then claim credit for everything they had nothing to do with.


  2. And with this one post, Miguel, you have done roughly as much good as GOA has. Who knew activism could be so easy when you piss on the NRA?


  3. The nra also supported the 68 gca as well as the fopa that carried the Hughes amendment, and which gained us nothing. Didn’t want you to forget.


  4. Make sure you fly first class.
    Take the wife.
    Make sure you hire a few friend too.
    How about that McThag guy?

    You can do quite well by doing good.



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