7 Replies to “You did not think this through, did you?”

  1. Not only that, but your sign tells everyone you are STUPID because “arming you is a bad idea” . And the old saying is true- those that cant do, teach. Frightening aint it?

  2. So she wants all semi-autos banned then? I also like how her sign claims she “speaks for the schools”, which is abject nonsense.

  3. Nobody said to arm ‘her’. The semantic game about arming ‘teachers’ and acting like you want to assign firearms to each and every one is just absurd. They know what the intent is and just play it this way for shock value. Don’t worry, buttercup, we know you will pee your pants and the sight of a gun. But perhaps the gym teacher won’t…

  4. I hope she never has to find out, but if she is ever involved in an active shooter, event, she can throw her T-shirt at her (him).

  5. I am a teacher, and so is my wife.
    I refuse to let her decide for us
    how I will defend my own life.

    She states that she speaks for the schools,
    but doesn’t speak for us, as we aren’t fools.

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