As goes goes California, so goes America… down the drain

Remember California State Senator Kevin de Leon and his idiotic statement:  “This is a ghost gun. This right here has the ability with a 30-caliber clip to disperse with 30 bullets within half a second. 30 magazine clip within half a second.

He’s running for Senate to unseat Diane Feinstein.

He’s also to the far left of Bernie Sanders.

Can we please, please, please have a referendum on a national divorce instead of an election?

If he only wants to turn California into Venezuela, he can, I don’t live there.

Since he wants to turn all of America in Venezuela, I have a problem with that.

4 Replies to “As goes goes California, so goes America… down the drain”

  1. I see he changed his personal grooming habits. I bet a number of voters will not be savvy enough to connect the visual of the “ghost gun” press conference with his new look.

  2. Aesop, of Raconteur Report, provides an eloquent counter argument. As he is self described “behind the orange curtain”, I am inclined to find his comments worth considering. In short, “don’t abandon your countrymen, adrift in a sea of perdition” (paraphrased).

    1. I figure any national divorce will come with a rush of demographic movement. The people who want to live in the Democratic Socialist Republic of California will move there and those who don’t will leave. Much like the mass migration after the Civil War ended in the US. Anybody who votes for de Leon and wants to live under his power is no countryman of mine.

  3. But will it kill ghosts? If so we must protect the ghosts from evil ghost guns, if not why not? (PS don’t cross the streams).

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