Electoral Fraud? Perish the thought

WASHINGTON — By the 2020 presidential election, 16 and 17-year-olds may be able to vote in the nation’s capital.
Washington, D.C. may lower the voting age for federal and local elections to 16. The legislation was introduced last Tuesday by D.C. council member Charles Allen (D-Ward 6), who said he was inspired by the high schoolers that came to D.C. to protest at the March for our lives.
Advocates of the measure say they have the support of seven of 13, a majority of D.C. Council members.

Washington, D.C., may allow 16-year-olds to vote for president in the 2020 election.


Beside the fact that the thought of “detergent ingesters” who have not yet mastered the intricacies of onanism,  voting on crap they still don’t know shit about, the chances for massive fraud are high. Remember, we are talking about kids who have zero doubt about their cause and do believe the end justify the means.

From the District of Columbia Board of Elections.

How many of you get online bills? How many of you can figure out rather fast how to add another name to a bill?

Yup, no chance of fraud there, baby.

9 Replies to “Electoral Fraud? Perish the thought”

  1. I was reviewing the rules in the Constitution the other day, and realized something disturbing. If, say, California decided to allow aliens (illegal or otherwise) to vote for the CA state legislature, that would mean they would also be eligible to vote in Federal elections. And I don’t see anything that any other state or Congress can do to stop them.

    1. Constitution makes the feds guarantors of the states having republican forms of government. Disenfranchising the citizens in favor of foreign subjects seems to violate that, IMHO.

      1. I think that arguing “republican form of government” translates to “only citizens can vote” is going to be a stretch.
        A more plausible answer is that a state attempt to give the franchise to aliens would trigger a Constitutional Amendment limiting the franchise explicitly to citizens.

  2. Most of the voters in DC are emotionally 10 years old anyway, this won’t change anything. DC is like 75% registered Democrat so it’s not like it’s a swing vote.

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