Lessons in Realpolitiks: Useful Idiots of America Inc.

This is one of us, allegedly.  It seems that there are Gun Owners that still have not figured out the lever of shit storm we are facing right now. In fact, they do deeply believe that their “purity” dogma is actually useful, and it is to the Opposition.

This same individual had asked me earlier about how to get the NRA fighting to get rid of the NFA and the Hughes Amendments.  Let me state the case right now about that: At this moment in time, I could not give two shits about all the machine guns in the US, OK? You are fretting over less than 200, 000 already registered firearms when we have Gun Control and the Liberals going after 16 million AR 15s and if given a chance every singe semi automatic gun in the country.

Why in the name of God’s green planet should the NRA or any pro gun organization should spend limited resources wasting time on shit that every rational gun owner knows will not be resolved anytime soon and less in this political weather? I tell you why? M-O-N-E-Y. I know the author is bitching about money, but he wants money to be sent to his favorite “No Compromise” entity. It does not matter that they have not been effective in getting one piece of Pro Gun Legislation passed nor any effective court cases decided or even have a basic infrastructure available to present a serious fight against Gun Control. Money should go and line the pockets of big talkers because … no idea.

So please and while we are trying to survive this brutal attack from our enemies: Shut the Fuck Up. Stop Helping Bloomberg and the rest of the assholes. You are 100% the reason why politicians think Gun Owners are no longer a threat to their careers and have passed anti-gun legislation lately.: They think us split, divided and infighting, while the Gun Control forces appear bigger than they are and presenting one common front.

Stop being collaborationists. Even the fucking Communists Cells of the French Resistance waited till Paris was liberated to return to its asshole ways.  Got it?


PS: Dear Chest Thumper, you were one among a selected group. You should be proud of the hashtag you selected.



7 Replies to “Lessons in Realpolitiks: Useful Idiots of America Inc.”

  1. Amen Sir. The NFA is a non issue right now. Only part Id like to see changed is the suppressor regs,make them just an accessory. And BTW- registered machine guns in the USA is a bit over 750,000. Ooorah.
    The main fight is getting gun owners UNIFIED.

  2. Picking and choosing your battles and sacraficing some rights to preserve others is a lousing battle, eventually we will run out. A comprmise would imply we get something when we give something but that rarely seems to happen ( either we give up our gains for a symbolic win or our only gain is to not louse everything)and in my estimation is what feeds the no comprmise movement. What we need is a counter attack to regain what is lost if we want to unite everyone.
    Edit: I reckon this is why Trump won, he is the first republican candidate that felt like a counter attack that made it out of the primaries since Reagan.

    1. So. AWB III is in Congress and State Legislations, but you rather use limited resources in NFA and Hughes? And that would be because?

      Ladies and Gents, till we have a couple of billion dollars in funding to use, we do need to pick and choose battles. You cannot battle for the cherry when the flour for the cake may be stolen.
      And we are not sacrificing shit. NFA is not being touched unless we dumbfucks start making a fuss and it falls into the radar of Things to Fuck With by Bloomberg.

      1. I agree we need to be united and the NRA is the best way to do it however the NRA is too intrenched in its defensive mindset. No war or ball game is won by remaining solely on the defensive and everyone knows it hence the dividing camps. To unify the cause then regain faith and moral the NRA needs to needs to counter attack, either retaking lost ground or to gain something we never had. The gains don’t need to be large but they need to be public and it needs to be known the NRA is behind it otherwise the NRA will continue to fracture.

  3. I still don’t understand why we need to be in a defensive position while we control the house, senate, presidency and Supreme Court.

    Who cares what the democrats are screaming about? They cannot do anything without significant republican support.

    1. If there were a significant difference between democrats and republicans, that would be a valid observation. But neither of them have any real respect for the Constitution.

  4. The mob is coming with Molotov cocktails to burn down the house and some folks want to use the fire hoses to wet down the shed. Priorities folks, priorities.

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