4 Replies to “Somebody has to fess up.”

  1. Koalas are easy, after knocking them from their high perch up a gum tree. Bloody kangaroos are a hassle, that damn tail gets in the way too much!

  2. The koala – chlamydia issue is about 40 years old, who knows how it will be fixed? One thing is fairly certain, the original infection vector may have been that jetsetting globetrotter bear in the old Qantas ads shown in the US.
    Who was the culprit?….had to be a bloody Septic, a Yank, ‘cos you lot are such weird sickos.
    Wonder just how friendly that young Clinton really got with the wildlife, while hiding out from the Provost Marshals when draft-dodging? You look at the ass (like a good DemonCrap) that he married for a clue.
    *Septic tank – Yank.

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