Zack and a race war

I saw this picture floating around the internet.

I have to disagree with it.

Sure, there are a lot of worthless majors out there, but whatever Zack may or may not have chosen to blow his student loans on, none of that justifies having a bull horn in his face in a coffee shop.

Two men were arrested at Starbucks.  Why?  Because the police were called and when the police are called, people end up in handcuffs.

Why were the cops called?  The manager asked them to leave and they didn’t, and it’s policy that managers and employees let the cops handle stuff like that.

Why were they asked to leave?  Because they were taking up a table and asked to use the bathroom without buying anything in a business.

So two men lacked the common courtesy to buy a cup of coffee before taking a piss and using a table and now poor Zack – who had nothing to do with any of that – is being subject to abuse.

He didn’t sign up for that.  Nowhere did “be able to withstand a bullhorn to the face” come up as a job description.

So I was originally going to be snarky about this and was preparing a joke.  During the joke development stage I came across this article “Hey, White People: Michael Douglas Is the Villain, Not the Victim, in Falling Down.”

Falling down is a great movie.  One reason is that you feel empathy for the villain.  He didn’t start out wanting to cause havoc.  Havoc found him.  He was mugged, beaten up, shot at in a drive by, and all around abused by a callous and uncaring system.  All he wanted was to have breakfast and go home and LA wouldn’t let him.

Twenty five years later, Michael Douglas in Falling Down is how Trump got elected.  They just voted instead of pulling a machine gun.

Zack probably just wants to make some coffee, clean his machine, and go home and these protesters are making that impossible.

I see poor Zack here and wonder how many more days of protests will he have to endure?  If he quits, who will hire him now that he’s internet famous for being associated with Starbucks?  Why isn’t Starbucks protecting their employees from abuse?  Is he day dreaming about shooting Mr. Bullhorn in the face with a MAC-10, and is that why his eyes look glazed over in that picture?

This is the kind of shit that not just got Trump but got neo-Nazis marching in the streets.

Two men lack the common courtesy buy a coffee before asking to take a piss and now some professional victicrat activist is going to blow the ear drums out of some $10/hour barista because of his white privilege.  If some “blood and soil” motherfucker showed up to knock Mr. Bullhorn’s teeth in with bat, I’m sure Zack wouldn’t be to terribly upset by that.  I know after that I wouldn’t.

For the lack of wanting to spent $4 on a latte, lives are being ruined.  You think that manger who called the police and got fired is going to find again right now?

That’s why this shit is so god damned dangerous.  If not this specific incident, this type of mentality is spiraling out of control.

5 Replies to “Zack and a race war”

  1. Completely unrelated: I’m hearing unconfirmed reports that there is a snuff film starring Hillary Clinton and Huma Abedin circulating on the dark web. It allegedly involves child murder. I guess the threat is that viewing it is felonious. Any of you heard anything?

  2. They were arrested for doing nothing! For doing nothing!!!

    They did nothing instead of buying coffee
    They did nothing instead of buying something when told the restrooms are for paying customers
    They nothing when they were asked to leave
    They did nothing when told the cops would be called if they didn’t leave
    They did nothing when the police asked them to leave

    They had plenty of opportunity to do something and not be arrested. Lets not pretend that “doing nothing” = riotousness. If you do nothing in the care for your child, you’ll also be arrested.

  3. He might actually be a STEM major earning money to minimize his loan debt. I hear rumors that this actually still happens.

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