Let’s see what Starbucks does now

A day ago I made a post about how one Starbucks gave a man a free cup of “reparations” coffee when he demanded it.

Now a fake coupon for free coffee is floating around the internet.

Zoom in:

Will Starbucks honor it?

Why they apologize to the people who try to redeem this for being “tricked” by a fake coupon?

Or will they see it as a way for grievance-mongers to further bully a Progressive company?

Right now, I don’t know.  What I do know is that if Starbucks tired any harder to acquiesce to the Progressive mob, Starbucks better install showers in their bathrooms and just allow anybody who is a member of a Progressive victim group to live in Starbucks, rent free.


3 Replies to “Let’s see what Starbucks does now”

  1. Sooo, If I identify as an an African American woman on a given day I can get a free cup of overpriced coffee and use the woman’s restroom? I suspect the “coupon” is sarcasm, but today who knows.

    The trouble with being a sarcastic SOB these days is that so few people can tell the difference.

  2. I wonder how many franchisees will decide it just ain’t worth it, and sell out?

    Will Starbux Expand their minority franchise program?

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