A lot of people are echoing the sentiment.

Via The View From North Central Idaho from a comment in Say Uncle.

“I will not be specific because I intend to get away with it.

First, if you are coming after my individual civil rights, it’s personal.

Second, when it has become personal, nothing will be below me and everything will be on the table. You, your employer, your house, your business, your spouse, kids, parents. Because as it stands today, for you, everything of MINE is already on the table. My business, home, car, employer, family. Social media accounts, Amazon buying records, memberships, donations.

You will regret living under the same rules you imposed on me.”

And like Joe said, I have nothing more to add.

6 Replies to “A lot of people are echoing the sentiment.”

  1. Well said. We have a “red flag bill” here and I emailed my local Dumbacrat and politely reminded him that these laws wil affect HIM as well. It hasnt come up for a vote yet, rumors are that it wont pass.

      1. As explained by MVB.

        “Bill Clinton’s rules of engagement as applied to the Serbs in 1999, wherein he decided that the political leaders, bureaucratic support structure, media infrastructure and intellectual underpinnings of his enemies’ war effort were legitimate targets of war.
        No one else may have been paying attention to the unintended consequences of that, but many folks on our side of the present divide were.”

        In effect, everyone who talks ‘gun control’ is in “it”, up to their necks.

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