Starbucks Social Justice-ed itself to death

Kevin Johnson just killed Starbucks.

Starbucks drops Jewish group from anti-bias training session: report.

The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) will no longer work on Starbucks’ anti-bias training sessions next month after the company faced backlash from activists, the company told Politico on Monday.

Jaime Riley, a spokeswoman for Starbucks, told the news outlet that the ADL, which works to combat anti-Semitism in the U.S., will be a part of the company’s extended anti-discrimination efforts. But the group will not play a role in developing the training on May 29.

Two weeks ago I wrote a post how the Louis Farrakhan supporting co-chair of The Woman’s March came out against Starbucks for working with the ADL among other groups.  It seems that Starbucks capitulated to their demands.


Activists criticized Starbucks for involving the ADL over the organization’s support for Israel and failure to endorse the Black Lives Matter movement. The group announced in 2016 that it would not fully endorse the movement over some leaders’ “anti-Israel — and at times anti-Semitic — positions.”

Tamika Mallory, an organizer of the Women’s March, posted on Twitter that the ADL is “constantly attacking black and brown people,” and criticized Starbucks as “tone deaf” for involving the group.

So the ADL called out BLM for its Antisemitism.  Deservedly so.  BLM has strongly supported the antisemitic and anti-Israel Boycott, Divest, and Sanctions (BDS) campaign while accusing Israel of genocide.  This is just another example of far Left wing groups supporting radical Islam.

But wait, there’s more!

Black Lives Matter D.C. accused the ADL of being “ultra pro-cop.”

We have reached the terminus of Progressivism.  Cops are anti-Black and Blacks are anti-cop.  To be pro-law and order is racist because… black people can’t obey the law…?

Somehow, every time I try to think about this, it just seems really, really racist.

Nevertheless, if you support the police you must be an anti-black racist.

So Starbucks has officially embraced anti-police, anti-Israel, and antisemitism as training policy in order to be obsequious to the group that attacked Starbucks for using the police to defend their property rights.

I guess there is never any reason to buy from Starbucks again.

This is BEFORE the details of the anti bias training have come out.  I’ve already heard plenty of calls by non-Progressives (both on the Right and non-radical Left) for baristas to secretly record the training and post it online.  Just to see if it is as bad as people suspect it will be.

I would have thought that shutting down every Starbucks in America for a day was going to be a bad financial idea.  Starbucks decided to double down on the dumb by going with a public statement to the effect of “fuck the Jews and police, we’re going to be subservient to the radical demands of a group that 57% of Americans have an unfavorable opinion of.

I guess Starbucks management got bit by the same “we don’t want to make any more money so let’s insult and alienate our major customer base” bug that Yeti management did.  It seems to be going around.

I wonder what former Starbucks CEO, and observant Jew, Howard Schultz has to say about this?

6 Replies to “Starbucks Social Justice-ed itself to death”

  1. So, in the end, it will be unacceptable for Star$$ to refuse to allow non-customer blacks to use the restroom, but Jews can be refused service because they’re pro-cop or something? Maybe we should make them wear some kind of badge or symbol so we can tell who the Jews are? How about a yellow Star of David?

    Another problem with being a sarcastic SOB is that sarcasm today is reality tomorrow.

  2. This leaves me with a dilemma, do I quietly boycott Starbucks, or do I start going to every Starbucks wearing an Israeli flag patch and see what they do? I’d go for an Irgun flag but I doubt they would get it.

  3. It really does seem like “progressives” don’t think non-whites are capable of being part of modern society, doesn’t it?

  4. Get woke, go broke!
    That’s the thing about the Game of Grievances- you’re playing their game by their rules with them as referees. Better to go full Chic-Fil-A and ignore them than to try to play along.

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